Friday, 28 May 2010


Hey guys, back to gaming talk again...

There is a game I am quite fond of playing, called Heroes of Newerth. It is a more modern, enhanced version of a mod for Warcraft 3 called DotA. Most of you don't know, and don't care - but for those few that do: S2GAMES, the company that made Heroes of Newerth, are real cool folk.

Firstly, the game costs 30 dollars, is easy to order and you keep getting new characters and updates for free. Once you get the game, you pay nothing and keep getting new, interesting characters.

Secondly, they game itself is awesome. It is not only a fitting homage to DotA, its better - think of it as a spiritual successor. S2GAMES communicates with its fans trough the forums, and more often than not - heeds their advice, tweaking the game so the players really enjoy it.

Finally,their tech support is great. I had a case in which I accidentally purchased the wrong account - I was prompted to buy the game which I did immediately, not realizing it has actually purchased my old beta account.

Furious, I e-mailed S2 tech support. The same day (a rare case with tech supports, normally) I got a mail from a friendly S2 worker called Rachel, who promptly fixed my problem, even though normally you cannot change your nickname. The speed and willingness to help by their tech support was not only a nice surprise, but also an incentive for me to trust this company - which you should too!

So, all and all, get this game and enjoy it!

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