Wednesday, 12 December 2012


So, before I publish my winter playlist, and go on to post all of my end-of-year lists - I think I need to give summer a Viking funeral.

This is what Google pops out with then I type "Summer Viking funeral" so there.

I wont bore you more: These are the songs I played ceaselessly throughout the summer. Some of them are actual summer songs, most of them are not. It is, however, a nice nod toward my end-of-year top 10 list as well as a neat way to get in a more, ahem, "sunny" mood this otherwise apocalyptic winter.

In no specific order, here goes.

(The link to a playlist with ALL THESE SONG can be found HERE.)

1.   M83 - Midnight City
2.   KIMBRA - Settle Down
3.   SIDDHARTA - Indian Boy
4.   MUSE - Madness
5.   KEANE - Sovereign Light
6.   JEZABELS - Hurt me
7.   THE KILLERS - Deadlines and Commitments
9.   STONE SOUR - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero
10. KEANE - We Are Young
11. KIMBRA - Come into My head
12. SIDDHARTA - Bonsai
13. THE KILLERS - The way it was
14. CLOUDKICKER - LA After Rain
15. KEANE - On the road


Memories tied to these include 

- Walking around Herceg Novi
- Dancing to Siddharta with my girlfriend, live,surrounded by a cloud of dust
- Banana Shake
- Enjoying the "beach" whilst trying to ignore the danger of a volleyball in my face
- Trudging along to driving lessons in Belgrade with Keane's We Are Young.
- Driving along verdant fields with my buddy Orgazmotron
- Waving goodbye to my girlfriend as she takes the bus home and waling back to my own......
- Singing "You'l always be my Indian boy" to my bud Dzule, no homo.

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