Saturday, 9 August 2014


It’s a bit strange when one of the best albums of the year comes out at the beginning of the year- but as soon as I heard the songs on Opposites I knew very few records would be able to compete for the top spot. Biffy Clyro have already crafted and solidified their sound on their previous record, and while I did harbor fears that they might have become too mainstream, my fears were strewn away by this double album masterpiece. Catchy but edgy, prog rock dashes and pop peaks – don’t miss it.


The good:  A band at their creative peak.
The bad: Maybe too long for some.
 Link me up: Biffy Clyro - Biblical

Yeah I went there. Yes, every other music critic picked this album for the top – and for good reason. Sure, the smash hit that spearheaded it got really old really fast (you must admit though, it did hold out quite long though) – but the album itself is a living example of how to make an homage to the sounds that created your own sound, yet still retain your own stamp on it. R.A.M is a labor of love, a heartfelt tribute to their influences, but above all – it is a masterwork clinic on production, mixing and songwriting. Feelgood album of the year? Try feelgood album of the decade.


The good:
An homage done right, an apex of album quality.
The Bad:  If you’re expecting “stock” Daft Punk you will be disappointed.
Link me up: Daft Punk - RAM full album

If you're into prog/death metal, you’re probably bemoaning the violent turn Opeth had towards melodic prog rock and away from death metal (or even metal in general).  Seemingly out of the blue, Dan Swano’s Witherscape burst on to the scene with a glorious example of how a genre can evolve without its formula changing too much. Its sublime progressive metal spiced up with death metal brutality, all the while wrapped in the soulful, bluesy vocal delivery of Mr.Swano. Think early Dream Theater, or even at times Symphony X, meets Opeth. If this last sentence  doesn’t get you going – I don’t know what will.

The good:  Fresh, new, yet familiar. Bang your head.
The bad: Whenever there are growl vocals, there are folks complaining. Can’t win them all.
Link me up: Witherscape - Dead for a day

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