Saturday, 9 August 2014

THE BEST OF 2013...IN 2014.

I'm that much of a hipster (does the term still mean anything?) that I am posting my BEST OF 2013 list half way through 2014. Thanks to my twin Milena Glavonic for finally forcing me to do it…I think this will start a tradition: reviewing the year once half of the next one has passed has left me far more clearheaded. Enjoy.


I’ve chosen the best 3 albums of 2013. They are followed  by the other albums I’ve found really good (The Rest)– making a grand total of 15. The albums were chosen by weighing in the objective quality of the songs/songwriting with how much playtime the album has spent on my playlists. Albums that have less than 4 really good songs per album didn’t even qualify.

Click on any of these to expand the list: 

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